Hospitalis | Our Story
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Our Story

It all started with an idea. We asked ourselves a question, “What does Jakarta & Depok need?” Hospitalis is our answer.

Hospitalis is what Jakarta & Depok needs. A hospital is a place of healing. A place for people who are not feeling well to improve their health. This is where the idea of Hospitalis comes from. We offer our guests a place to escape from the stress of the city. A place to heal a tired body and mind. A place to relax with friends, eat good food and have a drink or two. Our goal is to make you feel better by offering you a unique and comfortable experience. Many aspects of Hospitalis Jakarta & Depok reflect similarities to what you would find in a hospital. For example, our staff are dressed as nurses, doctors and surgeons.

Our food and drinks are served in various utensils you would find in a hospital. The difference comes in the delivery of the experience. Where some people may be afraid to visit a hospital because of a negative association, Hospitalis offers a similar aesthetic but our treatment is tasty food and delicious drinks. Couple this with the warm hospitality of our staff and you have a prescription for pleasantness. So come and see for yourself. We offer everything from lunch through to late night drinks. Feel better at Hospitalis Jakarta or Hospitalis Depok.